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Sunday, March 27, 2016

"One of the best busts in film history" .. which movie?


In a CPS home

I get often asked what it was like in one of those CPS homes here in Texas. I gess I have written a lot about it in this blog ... I just saw this picture, and it seems it sums it all up pretty good in one picture:

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Hunts, Prisoner, Beatings, Torture

Water and Box Play

Someone just send this pic to me and its really hot.

I havent wrote much on here in a long while so just so to put something new up and also so you know I'm still here and doing OK.

Still do all the same stuff, Wednesdays is Flecktarn Night, Saturdays I go to get my nuts kicked from my owner, and the hunts.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Friday, June 27, 2014

Russian Military Bully

Military Bully Video from Russia:

.. thats how it goes.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Jail / Prison and "Cars"

Was asked to share some experiencs from jail/prison:

You’re thrown right to the bottom of the social ladder—and if anything happens to you, no one is going to bat an eyelid. At best, the guards get a kick out of it or jerk off watching - or they themself are in on it, trading with the prisoners for something, and be it just for them to be left alone.

I was 16 in Juvi for the 1st time, and a couple stints theirafter.

"... will become prison sex slaves for the next few decades"

Prison is really a learning crucible since the reactions are so quick and amplified.

This attitude stems from their school days when any signs of intelligence were perceived as being part of the "system".
Prison is an intensely scary place, you are never further than a micron removed from astonishing violence.

I saw brutal, horrifying violence and stabbings at least weekly: 

often 'car wrecks' (your "car" is the racial group you ride with, and woe be unto you if you interact inappropriately with the other cars). I was the only one without any tattoos.

'syruping' - when someone mixes sugar into a bucket of boiling water and dumps it on someone's face. The dissolved sugar makes the boiling water cling to the skin longer, and the skin peels off leaving the raw flesh exposed.

I also saw someone held down by four guys, who performed anal surgery on him with a sharpened spoon to extract drugs he was hiding. He later maimed all four of his assailants, stabbing them in the neck with a pen (saw that too).

Another was a guy who was clearly paranoid schizophrenic. His cell was opposite mine. He started screaming one night and barricaded himself in. He then stripped off and covered himself with baby oil, and started setting fire to his cell. The guards came in riot gear to tackle him, but he was so slippery it was like trying to catch an eel. He gave them the run around for quite a while before they eventually fired sedative darts into him and he collapsed screaming. He died in hospital.

You may get a "tune up" to teach you respect... the beat the crap out of you and try to break your balls (literally). Beaten Beyond Recognition.

or Fight Clubs. You have to watch your back every second of every day, just to make sure that no one shoves a sharpened toothbrush into it.

Guards can regularly taunt, beat, and rape the prisoners. But arguably their worst crime involved forcing inmates to fight for their own amusement, as part of a prisoner fight club. Doctors involved in the case noted that they’d seen everything from missing teeth to shattered knuckles as a result of these fights.

I have only seen inmates made to fight each other by other inmates.

Though arguably not the worst item on this list, the sheer reaction Nutraloaf has garnered from hardened criminals is astounding. Basically, it’s the worst thing a prison can legally give to a prisoner without the food constituting abuse. It’s everything their body needs to survive—served in “loaf” form.

The loaf is so disgustingly bad that prisoners, when given the choice between a week of Nutraloaf meals and week of solitary confinement, will invariably pick solitary. It’s just that bad. So bad, in fact, that some prisoners argue that it should be considered a cruel and unusual punishment. Such arguments are usually ignored, however, because they happen to be made by rapists.

County jail was much worse. Less sleep, more immature idiots in close proximity. Much higher threat of fights.
And then there's the: 

"Hey, what are you in for?"  
"Strongarm robbery. What car do you ride in? Are you a Norteno or Scrap?"

Wasn't fun.

As everyone knows sodomy (ass-fucks) is basically a normal part of prison life. Prison rape jokes are so common, they’ve gone beyond the point of being edgy or funny. So the warning that someone may forcibly try and put something inside you in prison isn’t exactly news to most of the people reading this.

Especially if you are a skinny white boy. You won't last more than 3 days till they get you and rape your ass. 

Sometimes they may rape you with something else (broomsticks) but usually its there dicks cos they want to get off in a warm hole.

And black guys just LOVE to beat a white boys' balls .. just 'cos. As often and as hard as they can, even if they don't want to fuck your ass (most do, though)

Another example (Archie):

An autopsy report revealed that he’d died of a fall, which for some reason had caused all of his teeth to be shattered, his skull to be fractured in several places, and severe hemorrhaging to afflict his testicles

A second, independent report revealed that Archie had actually been beaten to death by an angry mob of police officers.

Of course, it’s hard to feel sorry for a known police-killer. But just realize that these officers are the same men that are supposed to uphold the law—and not one of them stood trial for the obvious murder of a suspect in their custody.

Jinx Time:

THIS FUCKED-UP LOOKING JAMAICAN GUY WITH DREADLOCKS is hanging with his crew, and he goes to this white kid and says, "Yo, you want some of my cigarette?" And this white boy goes ahead and takes two pulls on the cigarette. This is in Queens Central Booking."

Taking those pulls on the Jamaican's smoke was the worst mistake in that white boy's life. It was the worst mistake Jose "King Boost" Morales had ever seen anybody make in all his years of hard time.

"The white boy gives the Jamaican back his cigarette," King Boost continues, "and the Jamaican guy takes a razor out of his mouth and shows it to him. He says to the white boy, "Now I want those pulls back."

"That white boy starts cryin," interrupts Boost's main partner, Chris.

"Yeah," continues Boost, " The Jamaican guy gets his boys to gather around them, so nobody can see, right? Then he tells them to kick a beat, to cover the noise so the guards won't hear. 'Cause there was guards right outside the tank, and if they would have heard anythign they would have been right in there. Now the Jamaican guys sits down on the bench and he takes out his dick. He says, "gimme those pulls."

"I seen that white boy," says Chris.

"He was cryin', 'cause he knew there wasn't nothing he could do. That white boy put his head down and sucked the Jamaican guy's dick then and there."

THE CORRECTIONS OFFICERS, CONTRARY TO WHAT YOU might suspect, are every bit as dangerous as the prisoners. Consider: they're the ones who have chosen to be here. Antagonize them or disrespect them under no circumstances.

"They'll hide your papers," says Bays. He means your docket papers, the papers that say you exist. "That's the worst feeling in the world - you see guys come in and in three days they get called out before you, and you like, oh shit, when am I getting out of here? 'Cause the guards put your papers back at the bottom of the pile."

The C.O.'s have less subtle methods of punishment at their disposal as well.

"They got a thing on they belts, and if you pull that thing out it's like an alarm, and in two seconds you'll have like eight big motherfuckers putting their sticks on you." Boost says, "I saw one guy who was in a fight, and they came in to break it up. He grabbed one of their clubs," he winces. "I heard that stick, I felt that stick hit his head."

If for any reason the guards should enter the cell while you're in there, turn away. Play the wall or hit the floor; there's going to be indiscriminate violence.

The good feeling will wear off in a hurry if they sentence you and toss you back in.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Weekly Flecktarn Nights on Wednesday Evenings

Fleck Tarn Wednesdays

... are still happening every week

Lately it's been out in Garland in a barn, and i was the only one that was their to get it

It's still the same, I have to report on the dot in flecktarn uniform, get my wrists cuffed behind the pole and then they tie my elbows together real tight that I'm really tight on the pole

and then they take turns punching me hard in the guts for a few hours and knee me in the balls and kick and punch low too

In the last 2 weeks, some of the guys have taken me 1on1 afterwards back to the restroom thats their next to the feedroom with the fridge to beat me some more and fuck me, so thats new

otherwise same as its been always

I am from Texas

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Hunts in Rural Texas

The Texas Farm Bureau posted this pic today on facebook:

This is the same wide open land the hunts take place at. Last was on 4th of July long weekend.


Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Hard Gut Kicks

here you get an idea what it is like to kick a guy in the guts - more than once:

thats what its like.

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